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"I started my company in 1978 and decided that my USP should be personal service. NOTHING is ever too much trouble!"

Here are a few samples of our 'can do' attitude...just going that extra mile!

Got the bride to the church on time in our chiller van



Re-did all the flowers after a dog incident



Found a midwife to help a guest in labour



Did the brides hair when her hairdresser failed to turn up



Replaced 200 bottles of spoiled wine just before guests arrived



Found a replacement turkey on Christmas day after another dog incident



Replaced a marquee for 200 guests at 5am in the middle of a freak storm



Duck boarded a service tent which was sinking into mud during service




So, over the years, as the company has grown, I feel that personal service STILL remains the number one goal!


Food presentation, trained and happy staff, locally sourced and sustainable products...these are all equally important. We use the same suppliers regularly and maintain excellent relations with them, resulting in consitency of both service and quality.




Here are a just a few testimonials from past and present clients.

" catapaulted my vision to the next level! I was totally blown away. You thought of everything before we did. The canapes were sublime and in seemingly never-ending supply and the guinea fowl was utterly delicious. The cake, oh the cake!! I LOVED it. You had transformed the riding school into the most magical, enchanting and dreamy venue, in which we enjoyed THE best night of our lives!"
"...I am a fierce critic. Never fear - I can think of nothing we were not delighted about. The service was quietly efficient and your presentation was fabulous and the food all tasted wonderful. It was a pleasure to have you in the house and we are both so glad we chose you. Many people commented on how charming and delightful your staff were..."
"...even letters after the wedding said how outstanding the food was. Well done Jude and all of your lovely team. Please thank them all..."
"...The arrival of your cheerful army whose efficient and energetic control immediately soothes the troubled soul and induces a feeling of extreme confidence - one just knows, particularly at the THIRD wedding, that all will now go supremely well. And it did."
"...It was the best birthday party i've ever had..."
"...The food was magnificent, beautifully presented and very artistic and of course, delicious too...The staff were incredible, so well tempered and joining in the spirit of the day..."
"...I've never seen such an endless supply of food and presented with such elegance and quality. Your staff were exceptional....I shall recommend you whenever I can, socially and professionally."
"...It was an outstandingly good event. This party was right up there with the best....until next time!"
"...All of your staff were excellent - they struck just the right tone and were efficient without being obtrusive and friendly without being over the top...All letters remarked on the food - the imaginative presentation and i think, the fact that the chaps could eat so much!"
"...You are a magician. We are your biggest fans. I can't even think of the right words to thank you for everything..."
"...From entertaining my crazed ideas to providing an incredible crack team to bring them to life - our admiration and gratitude really can't be justified by words..."
"...I can't tell you how grateful we are for you deciding to go into the catering business 30 years ago!...The level of professionalism was outstanding...It was the best party I have ever been to!..."
"...The lamb was absolutely delicious - no easy task roasting 20 joints in a range of different ovens!..."
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